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The Bookkeeper Saved Me!

I had to take a trip up state last year for work to meet a could of clients and try and close a really big deal for my company. While I was on that trip I was authorized to use the corporate credit card and expense anything that I needed to in order to show the clients a good time. This was a big deal ...

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I Found a Good Accountant to Keep Me in Check

I love having an accountant because it makes it so much easier for me to keep track of my money. I own multiple businesses, and sometimes it is difficult for me to just sit down and look at how my money is doing. I know for sure that this is something that I have to handle well because I feel as if it ...

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The Accountant is Helping Me out a Lot

I hired a CPA Walnut Creek had around because I wanted my accounting done. I feel like my personal finances are in a wreck, and I cannot save it by myself. I am a disorganized person, and I have no idea where my receipts are most of the time. It does not help that I have to do some accounting for my ...

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