How I Chose My Walnut Creek CPA

Published: July 2, 2012

I found my Walnut Creek CPA online. I did most of my research on the CPA’s in the area through the internet and a couple of websites that had CPA reviews for my area. I then visited the websites of the individual CPA’s. If I liked what I saw I would email them some questions, or called them to set up a consultation. The consultation was very important. I used this as the tool that helped me decide on who to hire. I immediately eliminated anyone who was to pushy, our personalities wouldn’t get along. I also eliminated individual who couldn’t answer questions or gave me incorrect answers to questions I asked, I should not be more knowledgeable than my CPA. Then I ranked them on personalities. If I would be adding this person to my professional team I wanted their personalities to mesh well with mine. I eventually hired a great woman to be my CPA.

Shari L. Kantor CPA is a Walnut Creek CPA firm serving indviduals and businesses.
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