The Bookkeeper Saved Me!

Published: June 27, 2012

I had to take a trip up state last year for work to meet a could of clients and try and close a really big deal for my company. While I was on that trip I was authorized to use the corporate credit card and expense anything that I needed to in order to show the clients a good time. This was a big deal with clients with expensive tastes so the bill for the trip ended up being a really big one. After the trip I forgot to submit my receipts to accounting. My boss at the time told me not to worry about it but he got fired last week for sloppy accounting. The first thing that the new boss did when he got here was do a complete audit over all the expenditures for the past year. They immediately noticed that I expense five grand without submitting any receipts. I was given a week to come up with the receipts. I made one call to Walnut Creek Resort where I stayed and they emailed me receipts about an hour later. Bookkeeping Walnut Creek saved my job!

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